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Your typical horror junkie gamer with a slight obsession with pandas and sweet things mixed in with a bit of gore, ero, art, paranormal, horoscopes, photography & literature.
Aspiring model / photographer / bartender.
Highly influenced and interested in fashion & style who also enjoys drinking excess amounts of coffee daily and love life consists of an abnormal amount of internet browsing and long romantic late night walks to the fridge.
If you would like to know more about me click here. I post whatever I fancy. There's a wide range of things I enjoy. The best way to get a sense of what I post is by browsing through my archive.
I use this blog not only as a picture blog, but also a place to share my thoughts & interests.

Please keep in mind that some posts may be considered NSFW and/or contain nudity, gore and things that may possibly be triggering.

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Jul 8th

I bought a futon in the spur of the moment and brought it home, LOL. I should have just saved myself the trouble of hunting down every employee in a 10 mile radius and bought the one on display. I’ve literally finished the frame, and now I need to install the panels and everything and I’m just reading the rest of the instructions like…

Da fuq bro

I literally have been sleeping on a futon mattress sinking into the frame, LOL. Oh well, the room renovation has been coming around good~ I’ve been sooooooooooooooooooooo lucky on thrifting lately, like. sdlkfnalfksajl CAN I JUST PLEASE WORK AT VALUE VILLAGE. MY DREAM JOB. UGGEKFJSABH

Now that I got a new computer I can at least start doing video blogs again. I keep having an urge of wanting to write. I even bought a journal but for some really whenever I read back it just doesn’t sound right than if I, myself, could just do vlogs. I still need to upgrade to do any MMORPG’s or such like that but sa;ljca;lcj; I think the vlogs, hauls, and tutorials are the way to go now.

Have you ever been away so long where you feel it’s out of your element to even have the slightest clue where to start? Yeah. I really want to talk to people and converse but it’s like so much has happened over that amount of time it blows my mind where to even begin… I can’t say things have gotten better, I’ve been working on it but working is helping a ton, only downside if when I get home or have a day off I literally sleep right through.

I just feel like I need to start opening up even if it’s not to anyone just for the sake of my thoughts being put into something a bit more meaningful than text.

Jun 25th | 31 notes
Jun 17th | 5 notes My precious bb. ; - ; #holland lop #rex #lionhead #bunny
Jun 15th | 1 note The enormous bag of clothes that have been increasing in the middle of my room, lol.
Jun 14th | 1 note
Jun 6th

Every time I put my hand in his cage to give him a treat he rubs my hand with the top of his head to tell me he wants to be petted. AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW SDSVSJLGKJD;SLGJ;S MY HEART~~~ I think I’m going to name him Boo. He’s just unbelievable adorable. I can’t wait until he can roam freely in my room. I’ve been busy with work but when I get home tomorrow I’m going to clean out my room and duck tape all the wires in my room so I don’t need to worry.
I’m spoiling him so much already. XD I always said I could never share my veggies with anyone but flsjalakflka MY LOVE~~~~ CAN HAVE ANY VEGGIES HE WANTS. I think with my next paycheck I might get him a little friend. :3 

Jun 4th | 3 notes

I ended up going to a place that rescues animals and keeps them in a shelter for adoption. The second I opened the cage I fell in love. I’m a proud mama to a gorgeous caramel brown & black Holland lop/Rex. The person was actually unsure entirely the breed it was but it does kinda of look like a lion head as well with how fluffy he is AND YES, IT’S A BOY. I wanted a female bunny but I fell in love before I could ask.It’s probably the most sweetest tamed animal on the planet. ;~~~~; 

I really need to name him… I think Boo, or Coco, or Buttercup would be suiting but slfkhaslkfhal I DON’T KNOWWWWW. ;A; 

Jun 4th | 4 notes

I’m getting a bunny today. :3 

May 28th | 6 notes Dis wig tho
May 16th | 3 notes Ho ho ho hoI love this Hannya half face mask, I just wish it was a bit smaller seeing as it’s a tad bit too big that it looks awkward with it on. 
May 12th | 2 notes

I think people think I’m exaggerating when I say I cannot be within a 10 mile radius of any thrift store and not go all out binge buying. I went with my aunt around 10AM because it was a 50% off promo day so I got a cart full of things and blew $130 easily, then when I was walking out I couldn’t find my aunt so I ended up heading right back into Value Village looking for her and well… I found myself buying another $100 worth of clothing and bags. When I finally found her at the cash I picked up 2 more things and bam, another $20. LOLLL. Finally got out by 3pm… GG, first world problems of a thrift whore.

May 12th | 1 note

I didn’t think I’d be as attached to Game of Thrones prior to watching it, now I find myseff unable to stop, LOL.

May 12th | 3 notes

That awkward moment when you decide to buy a camera bag from a thrift store only to realize when you get home and open the bag, there’s a brand new camera/vintage DSLR in it with quite literally everything, even batteries.

May 11th | 1 note I think I have a slight leopard obsession, loool.
May 11th My life